Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Summer Assortment of Royal Photos

Well, Good Afternoon, our most Faithful Servants!

We finally worked through the kinks in Blogger this morning. The Queen Mum has been pulling what little hair she has on her head out since 10:30 this Morning!

We decided to keep this entry "light" and published a few casual photos.

We would like to draw attention, however, to HM the Queen's photo in top centre. This is a candid moment, when Queen Emily was meditating on Our Most Beloved Godmother Deb and the House of Taylor, who will be travelling from Houston, Tx. to their new home in Maryland.
All Our prayers are for the safe travel of the Taylor family, and a warm welcoming homecoming!

On, Queen Emily picked up the challenge that Missy of Sherwood House proposed to refeal 5 things about herself.
Tomorrow, it will be HRH Prince Brutus chance to accept the challenge!

Until tomorrow, Blogger willing, we shall see you then!

Have a Blessed Day!


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